×25 mm CBJ - Wikipedia - 25mm ammunition penetration

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The 25mm Tungsten Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot-Tracer (​APFSDS-T) range and penetration over existing conventional APDS ammunition. producing 25mm tactical and training ammunition Our 25mm family of ammunition is used by land, air accuracy and penetration necessary to defeat today's.

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By Mugul - 12:14
The M fires both European and U.S. 25mm ammunition. . The M APDS-​T penetrates lightly armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery.
By Voodoogore - 08:52
Bullet diameter, in ( mm). Overall length, in ( mm). Primer type, Large pistol. The ×25mm CBJ is a pistol cartridge designed for the CBJ-​MS personal defence weapon. muzzle velocity of m/s (3, ft/s) with a muzzle energy of J ( ft⋅lb), and has good armor penetration out to meters.
By Zulkishakar - 02:12
25mm M's family of ammunition The M APDS-T is used for armour penetration and the M HEI-T is used for anti-personnel and soft.

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